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Currently Working On:
Note: As of right now, none of the projects listed below are under contract. I simply wanted to share with readers a few of the books I’m working on at the moment.

Zero Hour, male/female paranormal romantic suspense

Beyond the Hollow, male/male historical paranormal romance

Seattle Marauders, Book 3: Hat Trick, male/male erotic contemporary romance, Kyle Harper and Nathan Troy

Next Up:
Emerald Valley Series: [Untitled], male/female erotic contemporary romance, Jonathan Levi and Leah Montgomery

As the World Falls Down: male/male paranormal romance

International Relations, Book 3: Unexpected Gifts, male/male contemporary romance, Delaney Carmichael and Connor Marino

Emerald Valley Series: [Untitled], male/male erotic contemporary romance, Devereaux Cavanaugh

Vale of Shadows: sci-fi, Vale Lancaster

Seattle Marauders, Book 4: Breakaway, male/female erotic contemporary romance, Nick Foster and Allyson Hale

Seattle Marauders, Book 5: Exhibition Game, male/female erotic contemporary romance, Debra Quinn

Seattle Marauders, Book #?: [Untitled], male/male erotic contemporary romance, Flynn

Magick Series: The Spirit of Magick, male/male paranormal. Curious to see how Jason and Travis (The Taste of Magick) fell in love? Heh heh heh…

Realm of Nine, Book 2: Blood Kiss, male/female paranormal, Cáel’s book

[Untitled] male/female sci-fi

[Untitled]: male/male sci-fi

Geek Chic: male/female contemporary romance

International Relations, Book 4: [Untitled], male/male contemporary, Connor Marino and Delaney Carmichael

And a few other projects ;)

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