Realm of Nine Questions

Is Blood Rose the start of a series?
Yes, Blood Rose is the first book in my Realm of Nine series.

Will Isadora get what’s coming to her?
Absolutely! But the revenant queen isn’t going down without a fight.

Will the second Realm of Nine book be about the fae king?
No, though Dare will a book eventually. Blood Kiss (book 2) is Cáel’s book.

Seattle Marauders Questions

Will Flynn be getting a book?
Flynn (from In the Penalty Box) will definitely be getting a book of his own (and yes, his HEA is a man). However, his story is a couple of books down the line. Given what I’ve seen of Flynn and his hero, it’s gonna be a wild ride 😉

International Relations Questions

Are you writing more International Relations stories about Connor and Delaney?
Yep, the International Relations series is all about these two. I have at least two or three more stories planned for them at the moment.

Chasing Alex Questions

Are you going to write a prequel to Chasing Alex?
Given how Chasing Alex starts, I don’t have any plans to write a prequel to Chase and Alex’s story. But I might write a sequel one day…

Victorian Valentine Questions

Are you writing more stories about Christopher and Jack’s families?
Not in the near future. I’d love to revisit the Norcutts and Ashtons, though.

General Questions

What are you working on now?
I try to update my Coming Soon page often so readers can see what I’m in the middle of.

If you have a question I haven’t answered, email me at riley@rileyshane.com. I’ll do my best to update this page regularly.

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